| Maximus 2000 installed in Girona, Spain at the facility of CASSÀ APLICACIONS INOXIDABLES RC, S.L. | distributor Josep Muntal, S.L.


| Gladius 500 installed in Portugal, company Portoflex – Fábrica de Tubo Flexível, Lda. | distributor NDC SOLUCOES DE ENGENHARIA, LDA

2017 | BLECHEXPO, Stuttgart


07-10 November 2017 | STUTTGART

Welcome to our new factory

We are proud to announce that we have moved the production to our new facility after finishing the construction in the middle of May. The production activities in their full capacity has begun since 1st of June in our new factory, site area 3000 sq.m., which designed to have perfect conditions for production of laser cutting machines.  We are at your service with our renewed machines and growing team with our increased sales and production capacity. All current and potential customers are welcomed!

Some pictures of the new factory:

                                 iSL Photonics 2017

From the beginning of March onwards, iSL PHOTONICS could offer the compact laser machines GLADIUS and OPTIMUS with a laser source 1500W, for max sheet size 1000х2000mm and 1250х2500mm.

The machines completed with laser source capacity 1500W able to cut mild steel up to 12mm, stainless steel and aluminum 5mm.

The laser cutting systems of iSL PHOTONICS are completed with laser sources 300W-2000W and laser cutting head both products of leaders in their field – IPG PHOTONICS and PRECITEC.

Here are the novelties presented by:

-options incorporated inside the body of the machine such as lighting barrier for the second shuttle table, fume extractor-filtration system that takes out the irritating smoke and fume, UPS that protects the laser course and the machine from fluctuations in electricity supply, compressor for compressed air options that increase machine productivity, reliability and efficiency. The compact models GLADIUS and OPTIMUS are attractive for customers worldwide due to minimal required floor working area about 25-30m2.


25-29 October 2016 | HANOVER, GERMANY


ACRUPS 2® reduce residual power in the system that remains after cutting


ACRUPS 2® reduce residual power in the system that remains after cutting
The worldwide patented system aimed to reduce the useless heat power that remains after cutting. The system comprises of copper louvers that are located between the cutting surface and the body of the machine that absorb the residual power evolved during the laser cutting process. That way, the system keeps safe the machine parts from the destructive power of the laser beam. Otherwise, and without existing of the ACRUPS 2® system, the distance between the cutting surface and the components of the machine should be quite long, approx. 700x1000mm.

The system ACRUPS 2® enables to reduce the necessary distance by 250mm. Such space-saving provide possibility to assemble the main components of the machine right under the working surface. The system prevents slag from depositing on the copper louvers. That means easier cleaning and maintenance.
The system ACRUPS 2® is built-in the laser cutting machine for metal sheet cutting in GLADIUS and OPTIMUS.


The Machines have PATENT № BG 2291 U1.

iSL Photonics